At Moore Humane Society, we believe in educating our community about responsible pet ownership and the humane treatment of animals. Here are
some of the ways we helping to educate the public.

Educational Programs and Presentations
Moore Humane Society offers educational programs for all ages. We'll come out and talk about topics such as responsible pet ownership, the
importance of spay/neuter, how to care for a pet and much more. We're also happy to bring along some four-legged friends to help with the presentation!

For more information or to schedule a presentation, please call us at 910-947-2631 or
email us.

Kids can also visit our
Kids Saving Moore Animals page to find out how to help and see how other kids are helping homeless animals in the community.

Resource Library
We've compiled some helpful articles to help pet owners. If you have a helpful article you'd like to suggest, please email us.

Things to Consider Before You Adopt a Dog
What Kind of Dog is Right for You?
Adopting a Rescue Dog: The First Seven Days From Shelter to Home - This FREE Guide walks you through the first seven days of adopting a rescue
Adopting the Right Cat for You
Cat Adoption Checklist
I'm Adopting a Cat. Now What?
Six Common Misconceptions About Pet Adoption

Pet Care
Caring for orphaned kittens
How to bottle-feed a newborn kitten

Issues Affecting Our Pets
When your dog thinks he's boss
Separation anxiety
The benefits of crate training
Housetraining, Part I
Housetraining, Part II, Troubleshooting
Keeping Cats Off Counters
When cats don't get along
Preparing the cat for a new baby
Feline Leukemia Virus
EPI * Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency

Responsible Pet Ownership
Why you should spay or neuter your pet
The dangers associated with chaining/tethering

Kids and Pets
ASPCA guide to kids and pets
Kids and pet safety
Kind News Online
For Parents - What to Watch Out For
Moore County's Only Privately Funded, State Licensed "No-Kill"
Rescue Organization!