"He is your friend,
your partner, your
defender, your dog.
You are his life, his
love, his leader. He
will be yours, faithful
and true, to the last
beat of his heart. You
owe it to him to be
worthy of such

Author Unknown
If you have adopted a
forever friend from Moore
Humane Society and would
like to share your story with
others, please
contact us.
Happy Tails
A special thanks to all our members and supporters who have made these happy endings possible!
I wasn't really sure about taking care of a dog at first because I didn't consider myself a dog person
but the kids and my husband had been begging me for 3 years to get a dog.  I've never regretted
having Tawny. She's so loving, kind, cuddly, silly, protective (in a good way) and caring with my kids.

When we took Tawny to her first vet appointment and the doctor couldn't believe we adopted such a
loving and gentle dog from a shelter. The only question that we've ever had is why would anyone
ever mistreat her or neglect her in anyway!  

Thank you to all those that took care of her before us.  She's a part of our family that we couldn't
see our lives without.”
This is Miley. She was welcomed into our home on January 12, 2009. She is the
princess, and is VERY spoiled. We love her so much, and her sweet kisses! She
really completed the family, I enjoy watching her learn things and grow everyday.
She has really captured my heart and I dont know what I would do without her!

Hamlet, NC
This is Mischa. We adopted her from your facility and she
has made herself right at home.

Cocoa (our older dog) and Mischa have become best
friends. They love to play outside and go for rides. It was
the best decision we made to adopt Mischa.

Mat & Diane
High Point, NC
We adopted Maggie on February 26, 2011.  
Maggie has been a joy to have and to love
from the first moment she came home from
Moore Humane.  She is gregarious and loves
everyone she meets.  She is always happy,
playful, and energetic.  It is impossible to have
a bad day when Maggie is around! We did not
change Maggie's name from the name you all
gave her.  The first picture is of Maggie and
her new "Mom" taken at Moore Humane and
the next picture is of Maggie as she looks now.

Thanks for all you do,
"I adopted Comrade from Moore Humane Society a little
over three years ago.  He'd been at the Shelter about a
year and a half.  He and a black lab had been found
behind a warehouse fence. Comrade is a most
wonderful, devoted dog! He has taken three different
obedience classes and did really well, earning his Good
Citizen diploma!   He loves people, wants to be the
center of attention, and loves to be petted! I am so glad
HE adopted ME!  I was at the Shelter on a Sunday,
looking for a small dog; he'd been out for a walk, came
in through the door, and ran right over to me!  I said I'll
take him... that was the best day!"
Hello, just wanted to let you know how much love and attention this beautiful puppy gets now.  I
adopted him from you last January when my husband was deployed to Afghanistan.  This dog is my
constant companion and has become best buddies with my husband since he has returned home.
We take him to Rae-zor grooming once a month and he always sports his bandana.  He gets along
well with my cats, well at least they have an understanding!  :-) No one can believe he was a rescue
dog.  He is such a good boy!  I did change his name to Rocket, it seems to fit him better.  He loves to
go on walks on the Sanford trail and around the golf course and he loves to ride in the car. Thank you
for what you do for the animals.  Maybe I can bring him down for a visit over the holidays.